About Me

Hi I’m Cassidy

I am a 16 year old girl who absolutely loves fashion, singing and dancing. My family of 5 and I, travel around the world and I homeschool while we have fun exploring the globe.

Although we are originally from California, I spent most of my life in Italy – 4 years in Rome and 7 years in Venice. In 2013, we left Venice to travel around the world full time. So far we have visited 64 countries on 6 continents and have made so many incredible memories and new friends!

Selfie with the Second Pyramid in Giza.

I wanted to make this travel/fashion/sweets website so other people can hear my travel stories, taste the best sweets from many countries, and of course, see the different fashions around the world.

Me hugging a tree in the gardens of Buckingham Palace in London.


I hope you enjoy my blog!!

Cassidy ♥️