My Top 7 Teen Fashion and Cosmetics Shops Around the World

Traveling around the world can be difficult, but trying to find cute shops where I can buy clothes is even harder. A lot of times when I need new clothes I look for shops but can’t find anything. But, there are those few stores that you can trust will always be there for you. Here’s a list of my favorite shops around the world:



I know I can always trust Forever 21 to have cute clothes when I need them. Although they don’t have stores all over the world, whenever I’m in California, I go crazy over their stylish clothing lines.

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You can find H&M stores all over the world. I’ve bought clothes from H&M in Italy, Estonia, California, Spain, Scotland and many more. This store has practical clothes and many stylish clothes too. They also have many accessories, shoes, scarves, purses and makeup.

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Tally Weijl

Tally Weijl always has amazing clothes and they are always so unique. The store was originally Swiss, but now it has expanded all over the world. I adore Tally Weijl because of its’ unique qualities. They always have clothes that are way ahead of the current trends. We once found a Tally Weijl in Krakow and we literally bought everything in the store.

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Ambar is a store that we found in Bodrum, Turkey and has the cutest clothes. The store is always packed and it is very popular. They always sell very colorful and pretty clothes and they always have what’s in fashion. Ambar is a one of a kind store and I love it that way ‘cause it makes it way more special when you go shopping there.

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Kiko is a very well-known Italian make-up store that sells every beauty product you can think of. There are tons of their stores all over Europe and you can always count on Kiko to supply you with good make-up. I’ve bought Kiko make-up in Milan, Venice, Rome, and Barcelona.

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My favorite boutique to buy accessories at is ironically Accessorize. There are stores all over the world and there is no doubt that you will leave the store with a new handbag or accessory. I’ve been to Accessorize stores in: England, Scotland, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Turkey, Thailand, Dubai, Jordan, and South Africa.

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If you’re a make-up lover and happen to be in Germany, then you’re in luck! Douglas is most likely the biggest make-up store I’ve ever been in. They have every brand of make-up you can think of from around the world and they also sell some really cute accessories.

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Hope you liked my post! Oh and don’t forget, have fun shopping!



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