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Our Venture into Pigeon Valley – Cappadocia, Turkey

Our visit to Cappadocia – October 2014

Our third day in Cappadocia, Turkey, was absolutely amazing! We got to visit Pigeon Valley or also known in Turkish as Güvercinlik.

Pigeon Valley is a small canyon type gorge surrounded by natural rock castles that can only be found in the city of Cappadocia. It was a once in a lifetime experience to be able to walk through these 30 million year old rock formations made of a mixture of ash and lava, shaped by rains and winds over these past millions of years.

As we took our first steps into the rocky channel where ancient Romans once lived, a feeling of excitement struck me as I looked around and began to walk through the small paths that led us deeper into the wilderness.

Walking through this ravine covered in fall trees with changing colored leaves and dirt roads was a great place to imagine yourself being an adventurer exploring through a jungle or gorge – finding ancient treasures hidden in man-carved caves with frescoes on the walls inside and scratches that cover the mysterious faces of people shown in churches and caravanserais.

Along the beaten path were some rocky walkways that were quite difficult to hike – especially with the slippery dirt sliding under our feet as we walked through the challenging gaps of nature.

Since we absolutely did not know how to get down this rugged and jagged surface, we saw a few ladies that were so desperate to climb up the side of the valley, they actually took off their shoes and put them on their hands to help them climb.

Walking through the valley in the fall while yellow and red tree leaves fell softly on the ground, was one of the most wonderful sights to see as we trekked through this dazzling scene.

Pigeon Valley was unquestionably incredible and very very fun!!!


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